The Client:
Castlemount Homes and Cherryview Estates

Mauro Campagna, Owner/Operator

Mauro Campagna is the founder and operator of Castlemount Homes. In his 40s, Mauro operates two successful building companies in York Region and the surrounding areas. He creates production houses with a custom feel with Cherryview while building completely custom homes with Castlemount. With over a decade of experience running his own construction companies Mauro is a dedicated entrepreneur who knows what it takes to succeed.

Managing two separate but related businesses means that Mauro has to be extremely careful with scheduling. He spends most of his time in the truck, traveling from site to site, to make sure that everything is on track and his customers stay happy.

And that means he needs sub-contractors he can trust. Companies that care as much about customer service and quality as he does. Companies that hear his needs and see to it that the job gets done. Finally, he needs companies that really know their trade because when you’re building custom houses, there’s a lot of room for creativity but no room for error. That’s why Mauro chooses to work with Can-Cro for his siding and seamless eavestroughs.

The Challenge

In 2010, Mauro had reached his breaking point with his previous cladding and aluminum trim subcontractors. He strongly believes in building long-term relationships with his subs and trusting them to do their job. Unfortunately, he was dealing with a company who caused him “a lot of headaches with their inefficiencies and lack of service.”

Customer service is everything in this business and when this company started making a habit of not showing up to scheduled jobs because of one excuse or another, and Mauro started losing money and credibility, he knew that something had to change.

He was hearing the frustration from his customers and having to constantly delay his projects and reschedule. Simply put they were making him look bad and these problems had to be fixed . During one of the inevitable slow-downs in the construction business, he took stock of his situation, listened to his customers, really looked at his current subs, and began to search for a new exterior cladding and aluminum trim subcontractor.

The Choice: Can-Cro Installations

So when the slow-down came he thought right away about Can-Cro Installations. He had driven by their job sites and liked their on-truck advertising. He felt that the clean trucks indicated a company that wasn’t afraid to invest in its equipment and image. Can-Cro sounded like a company you could trust and when you’re building custom homes you can’t be seen as “cheap or fly-by-night.” Mauro decided to meet with the owner.