Right away he was pleased with Mario for one simple reason: Mario showed up. On time. You see, Can-Cro wasn’t the only company that Mauro interviewed, but Mario was the one who did what he said he would. Every time. He said he’d be there and he was. He said he’d be there at a certain time, and he was. Understandably, these are very important traits in a sub-contractor.

Another quality that Mauro appreciates “is that, with Can-Cro, the owner is visible. You know exactly who you’re dealing with, and once you’ve met Mario you’ll know that what you see is what you get.”

And what you get is total professionalism. Mauro needs skilled guys working on his jobs and a company that follows health and safety protocols. With Mario and his crews, Mauro feels confident that the eavestroughing and siding will be done on-time and for the price quoted.

Which is another plus to working with Can-Cro: the price. Can-Cro’s prices are competitive. According to Mauro, they’re fair in their quotes and they fall within normal market values. Mauro admits that “there is always someone cheaper but that, really, you get what you pay for.” He knows that Mario will give him a price and stick to it with no finagling afterward. They will make it work.

The Results: Happy Homeowners and a Loyal Client

Mauro feels so confident with Mario on the job that he says it’s like having yourself there. The professionalism can be felt all they way through the job, from beginning to end. And, of course, a job doesn’t end at the end.

Can-Cro goes the extra mile for their customers. Recently, Mauro needed someone to fill a warranty service for a project from a couple of years ago. When Mario got the call, he went out and did the repair personally. Mauro attests, “This is A++ performance and it’s the kind of thing you don’t forget.” What makes it even more notable was that another company had originally completed the project.

Can-Cro has done many jobs for Cherryview and Castlemount. Their first job together was in 2010 at a housing development in Georgina, where they did the vinyl siding and seamless aluminum eavestrough.