Example: Historical Renovation

Recently they finished a major renovation job on a local historical home and, in Mauro’s opinion, this is where Mario’s true professionalism and artistry shone through. Castlemount had taken on the restoration of a dilapidated home built in 1860. Mauro adds, “There were raccoons and chickens walking around the interior and there was no heating. It was seriously in need of repair.”

Working with other trades, Castlemount restored the home, maintaining the heritage feel while bringing it up to modern-day standards of comfort and convenience. At Mario’s suggestion, they used specialized products such as beaded soffits, half-round trough and James Hardie siding.

What impressed Mauro most was that they were able to do the exterior renovations without a designer. “Mario suggested everything from the round down pipes right through to colours and material choices. Now that the home is finished, it is being used as an office for a local company and receiving positive reviews from those who live in the neighbourhood.” As a custom builder, this house has become a great source of pride for Mauro. Mauro knows that “with the quality of products used, a home that was built almost 150 years ago will still look great another 100 years from now.”

Mauro has this to say about Mario, “After that project I know he can handle anything. He has tremendous flexibility and craftsmanship. I’m a custom homebuilder and we have to be able to do simple stuff and complicated stuff. Mario can do it all, and there aren’t many companies who can. Their product list has everything that a builder could want for siding and eavestrough.”

The Conclusion: Can-Cro Delivers

Mauro concludes, “I have established a relationship with Mario and that means a lot to me. It’s great to have him there and have him help me with these projects. As far as I’m concerned we’ll be working together for a long time.”

What more could a builder ask for in their relationship with a sub-contractor. Total trust and total professionalism. A sub who makes you look good. That’s what Can-Cro delivers, time after time. From production homes to custom builds, Can-Cro has got you covered.

Mauro Campagna established Castlemount Homes in 1999 and, since then, has been directly involved with over 200 custom and production homes across the GTA. His most recent projects are Brenner Court in Keswick and Humber Ridge in Richmond Hill. To find out how Castlemount Homes can help you build or renovate to create the home of your dreams, visit www.castlemounthomes.com. Experience Homes of Distinction, Built to Perfection with Castlemount.

Mario Bunjevcevic founded Can-Cro Installations Inc. in 1996 and has completed over 6,500 exterior cladding installations across the GTA and north to Bradford. Can-Cro works with homeowners, contractors, builders, and architects to design the best eavestroughing and siding systems in southern Ontario. Request a quote for your next job and see how Can-Cro has got you covered for exterior renovations.