With the prevalence of attached homes in York Region, it makes sense to work with your neighbours when the eavestroughs need replacing.

Since these homes were built at the same time and share a roofline, it's a good bet that when one home needs new eavestrough, all of them will. Eavestroughs have a finite lifespan and when they start to leak, they can damage landscaping and the foundation of your home.

Plus, we've all seen attached homes where each one had different eavestrough and trim and it isn't great for curb appeal.

We were called in to these homes in Keswick to install our seamless eavestrough that is created on site. Our crew removed the old eavestrough, created a plan to drain the water away from the homes in the most efficient manner, and then formed and installed the new aluminum eavestrough and downspouts.

Here's what they had to say:

“We would like to take this opportunity to tell you what an outstanding job Can-Cro did with the eavestrough installation at our Keswick home. You offer an outstanding product, and I know we will be very satisfied for years to come.”

The homeowners also chose to install Alu-Rex Gutter Clean® Leaf Guards to save the maintenance costs of having their eavestroughs cleaned every year.

Too high to safely reach with a normal ladder, these Keswick owners had to hire a company every year to clean out the leaves and debris from the eavestroughs. With the leaf guards securely in place, they now have a water drainage system that is maintenance-free.

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