We received a call from a customer in Mt. Albert who had an interesting problem: there was a bird nesting in their eavestroughs. They hadn't laid eggs yet and the homeowners wanted to find out what the problem was before they did.

We sent out our estimator and he discovered that the eavestroughs were so full of leaves and debris that they were basically useless - except by mosquitos and birds.

The good news is that the eavestroughs were relatively new, they had been installed just a few years before and were still in good shape.

What they needed were leaf guards. We work with the Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System® which can be installed in existing eavestrough or new installations.

These perforated inserts securely fit into our seamless eavestrough and are a relatively quick installation. They create a barrier that allows water to drain away while keeping leaves, pine needles, and other debris out of your eavestrough.

Even wet leaves will just sit on the eavestrough guards, dry out, and then blow away. If cleaning out your eavestroughs isn't high on your ‘fun’ list of household chores, let us help you cross it off your list - forever.

The happy end to this eavestrough story is that these homeowners were thrilled to have a permanent solution to their problem, and the birds relocated to a safer location in a nearby tree.

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