What do you do when your home still has siding from the seventies?

When it's brittle and bleached out and every time a ball or branch hits it, it gets a hole?

If you're these smart customers in Stouffville you get on the phone and call us for help. When our estimator arrived, it was obvious that the old siding had to go. In fact, it was amazing it had lasted as long as it did.

When he started looking a little closer he realized that this couple still had the original eavestrough as well. When he asked if there were any issues with the narrow eavestrough, the owners laughed and regaled him with stories of ice dams during the winter and tsunamis out of their eavestrough during heavy storms.

Then they got more serious and said they weren't sure if anything could be done so they had just coped with what they had - for years.

Now that they were getting older, they didn't have the energy or time to be fixing the ceiling every time the water backed up behind an ice dam or patching the siding when it broke.

After we worked out a quote and a project timeline with them, our crew got to work. We did a full exterior renovation of the home, with new siding, soffits and fascia, and eavestrough with leaf guard technology.

Their home looks brand new and now when it snows or rains - or their grandsons are playing outside - they can relax, knowing that their home is protected and safe.

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