Homebuyers are never quite sure what to expect when they move into their new home, and we've learned that when you buy a century home, there are always surprises.

When this family called us from Sutton, they needed new eavestrough for their not-so-new home. They had just made the big move north from the city out to a beautiful farmhouse and had discovered an area on the back where the eavestrough was overflowing and leaking behind the fascia.

Our estimator took a good look at the entire water drainage system to make sure that this was the only area that needed attention and, luckily, most of the system was solid.

Our crew was able to replace this one section with 6-inch seamless eavestrough and 2 downspouts to capture the large quantity of rain that runs off this long roof during big storms.

After repairing the rotted wood and the fascia, the continuous hanging eavestrough was installed quickly. The colour and design blended seamlessly with the rest of the exterior and the owners were thrilled.

When something goes wrong with our home, it can cause a lot of anxiety and we were glad to give these homeowners the good news and save them a lot of headaches down the road.

We'll never tell you that something needs to be fixed or replaced when it doesn't. We value your home and the relationships that we are building too much to be anything less than the best.

Feel Great About Your Home… and Your Contractor

With over 20 years of experience in the Sutton-area, serving thousands of satisfied customers, there is no one better to help you increase the value of your home or commercial building in south-central Ontario.

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