Can-Cro is Habitat York’s #1 Choice for Eavestroughing and Siding

When Habitat York needed a professional exterior renovations company in 2009, Kari immediately thought of Mario and his crews at Can-Cro. He had met Mario several years earlier in his career as a general contractor when they tendered on a job. Kari had been impressed by their references and reputation and, as a result, when Kari joined Habitat York, Can-Cro was first on his list for siding and aluminum trim projects.

Building in Keswick and Georgina

Prior to the main office project in 2011, Can-Cro had helped Habitat York with two other builds. In 2009, Habitat York completed a heritage restoration in the Town of Markham. Kari recalls that this project presented some unique challenges including fake chimneys that a mason had to construct. It turned out that these needed water-proofing so while Can-Cro was installing the eavestroughs and fascia, they also created custom metal caps for the chimneys. To Kari, this was a convincing demonstration of their professionalism, versatility and craftsmanship.

In 2010, Habitat worked on a single family home in Keswick and Can-Cro installed the siding, soffits, fascia and eavestroughs, plus the custom trim on the porch. According to Kari, “it was great to deal with an all-in-one shop that could do everything. With projects this large, and always the unexpected details, it would be much harder to work with different trades on basically the same component: exterior cladding and aluminum trim.”

Nancy adds, “because we had worked with them previously, both for labour and material, we knew their quality and flexibility. We would always prefer to work with someone we know and someone we trust. So we called them and asked if they could help us.”

A testament to Can-Cro’s high skill levels and professionalism, the house in Keswick ended up with LEED Platinum Certification so there was quite a bit of exterior detailing. Kari explains, “the house did not have a solid-wood substrate for the insulated vinyl siding so the installers had to ensure that they were nailing only into the studs. Their accuracy was vital or the siding would have failed in months. Other contractors may not have been able to deal with that but the crew from Can-Cro took the extra time with measurements and marked it all. They took the time to make sure it was done right.” The house was the first Habitat for Humanity build in Canada to be LEED Platinum Certified and it won Habitat York the Green Build Award in 2010.

When asked why Habitat York chooses to work with Can-Cro on project after project, Nancy and Kari don’t hesitate, “They are our first choice.” Nancy continues, “Can-Cro has always looked to see what they could do for us and though it would be naïve for us to assume that they could always help in this economic climate, they have never let us down. We know that Can-Cro isn’t a huge company. They’re a locally-owned and locally-operated supplier that genuinely wants to give back to the community.”