Let Metal Siding Protect Your Home

Metal siding is a durable and green option for many projects.

  1. Green. The metal siding you install now will last for decades and when you are done with it, it can be recycled into new products. A high percentage of metal siding is recoverable through existing processes and the technology improves every year.
  2. Safety. Metal siding is flame-resistant.
  3. Aesthetics. Metal siding comes in a variety of finishes and styles. Many brands now have a PVC coating to get a long-lasting range of colours.
  4. Maintenance. Routine cleaning with soap and water.

Metal is heavier than vinyl siding so the structure you are covering must be able to support the weight. Our trained estimator will provide you with a range of possible solutions to your siding questions.

Where is Metal Siding Not the Best Choice

As with all exterior renovations, you need to know why metal siding might not be the best choice for your home or business. Check out our other siding options to see which is best for you.

Celect® Siding — A Canadian invention made for our Canadian climate extremes

Wood Siding — The Can-Cro choice for those who want the original

Vinyl Siding — The Can-Cro choice for affordability and versatility

Feel Great About Your Home… and Your Contractor

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