Nothing Says Quality Like Wood Siding

While vinyl, and metal do a great job of imitating wood, sometimes nothing but the original will do.

Sourced from sustainable forests, and FSC certified, our Goodfellow wood siding is one of the greenest ways to protect your home or business with strength and great looks.

  1. Flexibility. Wood siding can be used in almost any situation: commercial or residential.
  2. Aesthetics. Our wood siding comes in a wide range of pre-stained semi-transparent and opaque colours to ensure you get the lasting look you want. With over 10 different siding profiles you can make your home or business look traditional or modern, or anywhere in between. Ask your estimator about the right choice for you.
  3. Maintenance. Wood siding does require regular maintenance to keep the colour looking great. But damage is easily repaired — no need to worry about hail damage and dents with this type of siding. Our wood siding is pressure-treated and will resist mold and rot. In fact, Goodfellow siding has a lifetime warranty against decay and up to a 25-year colour warranty, depending on the type of finish you choose.
  4. Climate. Wood siding can withstand all but the most severe weather conditions. It can also increase the insulation value for your home.
  5. Green. Sustainably harvested and easily recycled, minimal manufacturing makes wood siding a great green choice.
  6. Cost. Wood can be a bit more expensive but when you want the look and feel nothing else can compare.

Where is Wood Siding Not the Best Choice

You need to know why wood siding might not be the best choice for your home or business. Check out our other siding options and talk to our trained estimator to find the right siding for your project.

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