Leaf Guard

The Top 5 Reasons to have a Leaf Guard System


There are several products available to maintain the functionality of your eavestrough system. We can install the product that best suits your needs, whether it’s new construction or to already existing eavestrough.

 Installing a Leaf Guard system will stop:

5. Birds from nesting in your eavestrough. Not everyone has this happen, but when it does, people get worried. They worry about the birds and they worry about their home. Leaf guard takes care of both.

4. Plants growing in your eavestrough. We see it all the time; once leaves start to accumulate, seeds start to sprout.

3. An overflowing eavestrough – the blockage from rotting leaves is eliminated.

2. Mosquitoes breeding in your eavestrough. Leaf guard prevents breeding which reduces the spread of disease according to the Ministry of Health.

And our #1 Reason to Get a Leaf Guard System?

1. Eliminates the need for you to climb a ladder to clean out your eavestrough twice a year.

Eavestrough protection for retrofit application

The Gutter Clean System® stops debris, leaves, buds, insect nests and small animals from getting into your eavestrough and protects your house from water damage.

Like the T-Rex® and DoublePro™, it can easily handle 3 times as much water during the heaviest rainfalls on record.

This gutter guard fits onto any kind of easvestrough, no matter the fastening system.

It comes with a 40-year no clog guarantee, so you can be sure it won’t get clogged. This keeps your eavestrough—and your home—well protected.

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