How is Seamless Eavestrough Superior to Home Store Eavestrough Sections?

Why Does Your Home Need Great Eavestrough?

Eavestrough is all about water management: collecting the water and getting it away from the vulnerable areas of your home… like your foundation.

Broken or missing eavestrough can cause water damage to the ground under your roofline, stairs, decks and any landscaping you have close to your home. Downspouts that aren’t long enough or eavestrough that is too narrow can cause water to pool or run back toward the foundation. Once your foundation gets wet it can crack (when it freezes) or get mouldy.

To keep your eavestrough looking good, Can-Cro uses Alu-Rex Continuous Hanging technology that will keep the eavestrough tight to the fascia and your water going where it should be going: away from your foundation.

 has it Been 20 Years?

Seams on old-style eavestrough only last about 20 years. How old is your home and when was the last time the eavestrough was replaced?

The next time it rains, take an umbrella and go outside to examine how your current system handles the water.

There are a few problems you might see:


Does the water rush down the roof and overflow the eavestrough in the middle of a run or at a corner? This could mean that the eavestrough is too narrow for your roof or that it is filled with debris. It needs to be looked at.


Does the water leak out the bottom of the eavestrough? There may be holes in your eavestrough or the seams may be giving way. Either way, you are at risk for water damage to the ground and your foundation.

5” and 6” Widths for Your Home’s Protection

Did you know that the standard width for eavestrough used to be 4”? Have you looked at your home’s eavestrough lately? Are they leaking? Overflowing during a heavy rain? Hanging away from the house?

Can-Cro will create your eavestrough right at your home or business, making it truly seamless. We offer the 5” width for most homes and have invested in a 6” extrusion machine so that homes with larger roof areas get the protection they need.

Seam-free Means Leak-free

Seamless eavestrough is a huge improvement over steel eavestrough sections that are formed in the shop and require soldering. Our aluminum eavestrough will never rust and because we custom form them on site, there ar no seams every 10 feet. The same goes for the vinyl eavestrough sections that you can purchase at home supply stores. While they won’t rust, they do have seams every 10 feet and it’s been our experience that they just don’t hold up to Ontario winters. In our climate, the UV exposure makes the sections of eavestrough and supporting O-Rings brittle and more likely to crack and then leak.

Aside from rust and UV breakdown, it turns out that the weakest part of any eavestrough project is the lap seam where one section of eavestrough is joined to another. If you have a 40-foot roofline, you would typically have at least 3 seams, which means 3 opportunities for the eavestrough to warp and break the seam. With all these seams, it is likely that within 5-10 years, at least some of the seams will break down and begin to leak. With our seamless eavestrough, you’ll enjoy leak-free eavestroughs for decades.


We receive our flat aluminum in a thick coil that is just under 12-inches across. We take this coil and put it on the cradle or spool on top of the aluminum extrusion machine. At Can-Cro we have these machines securely and permanently, mounted in the back of our trucks to protect our employees. It also reduces the risk that the machine will be damaged on the way to your home, ensuring that there are no delays in your seamless eavestrough installation.

Our installers carefully measure each part of your roofline and develop the water drainage plan for your home to ensure that rainwater is taken away from your roof, siding and foundation. Once they are ready to make the eavestrough, the aluminum coil is fed into the first set of guide rollers and the aluminum roll former machine creates completely customized eavestrough for your home at the rate of 35 feet per minute.

Depending on your roof surface size, pitch and the style you desire, you’ll be able to choose from our 5-inch and 6-inch traditional K-style eavestrough.

Using the Alu-Rex Continuous hanger eavestrough system will keep your eavestrough secure and protect your home and eavestrough from debris, nesting insects and birds. Your Can-Cro installer will let you know if leaf guards are right for your exterior renovation.

What Makes Can-Cro the Best Choice for My Eavestrough Renovation?

You deserve an exterior renovation that increases the value of your home and makes you proud of the quality and durability. At Can-Cro, we’ve built our reputation on providing excellent customer service and quality installations since 1996. We use the latest technology and have highly trained estimators and installers who care about getting it done right. We’re confident that once you get covered by Can-Cro, we’ll be your installers of choice.

Keep Your Eavestrough Clean

Once you get the correct eavestrough, you need to keep it clean. We can install leaf guards that keep out leaves, branches and other debris —  that prevent the pooling that can lead to mosquito breeding.

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